release year: 2014
genre: sci-fi/action
viewing setting: home Bluray 7/24/17

synopsis: In the Detroit of the near future, an experimental man/machine cop is created as the answer to crime, but eventually the human part rebels against what's going on.

impressions: I hate remakes. Even more, I hate remakes of classics that didn't need to get remade. Having said that, I gave this a try, and it was pretty good. Although I still don't think it was necessary, it wasn't as bad as it could have been. Here's the quick scorecard comparing it to the 1987 original: less violence, less blood/gore, less man inside the machine, less evil bad guys. It was the same basic principle, though, including the corporate angle, the media satire angle, and the "is it really worth living this way?" angle.

acting: Joel Kinnaman is the mostly-slain cop who becomes something more, yet less. Gary Oldman is the scientist who made it happen. Michael Keaton is the evil CEO. Jackie Earle Haley is the evil hencman. Samuel L. Jackson is an annoyingly over-the-top talk show host with an agenda.

final word: Not bad, definitely watchable - but still unnecessary.

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