The Rookie

release year: 2002
genre: baseball drama
viewing setting: home DVD, 3/18/07 and 9/30/02

synopsis: After failing to make it to the major leagues in this youth, a 36-year-old teacher finds that he can throw hard enough to get another shot at his childhood dream.

impressions: Good happy baseball movie, based on a true story. Actually, it's more a drama about trying for your dreams than it is about baseball, but it's good stuff regardless. This guy basically inspires his high school students' team to win (and helps by unknowingly giving them major-league pitching to practice against, thus elevating their batting skills) and then has to take up their challenge to try out for the majors. He works his way up through the Devil Rays' minor-league system until he can get his chance in the majors.

acting: Dennis Quaid did a good job as a man torn between responsibility and his unfulfilled purpose in life. Rachel Griffiths is also good as his supportive wife. The kid who played his son also did a good job; his performance stood out.

final word: Worth seeing.

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