'Salem's Lot

release year: 2004
genre: TV horror
viewing setting: home DVD, 9/20/09

synopsis: A New England town is slowly, deliberately taken over by vampires who prey not only on the people but also on their various insecurities and secrets.

impressions: Excellent. What I mean in the "synopsis" line up there is that most of the victims end up allowing themselves to be victimized, because they have various problems or situations that allow them to be easier prey. The town buffoon is only too glad to become a vampire so that he can get the girl he'd otherwise never have. An old lady who doesn't want to get older and die is only too glad to become a vampire and avoid death. And so on. This was much closer to the novel than the 1979 version, and really got into the town's problems and secrets. Good job all around.

something this movie has that no other movie has: .

acting: Rob Lowe is the writer who comes back to his hometown and ends up as one of a small group who try to stop things. Andre Braugher is his friend the teacher, who is the first to realize what's going on. Rutger Hauer is the head vampire, and Donald Sutherland is his human minion. James Cromwell is the town's priest, who is having a crisis of faith. Dan Byrd is a boy who also fights the vampires. Steven Vidler is the town sheriff, who eventually takes the realistic course of action in this situation, which I was glad to see.

final word: Great vampire movie (technically a TV miniseries.)

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