Saw 4

release year: 2007
genre: mystery/horror
viewing setting: home DVD, 7/1/08

synopsis: Being dead (and in fact autopsied) doesn't stop the strange and bloody schemes of the Jigsaw killer and his new, unknown apprentice(s) from continuing.

impressions: My #1 point about this movie: watch the other three first, even if you've already seen them. I say this because they're all tied together, intricately, and you have to remember characters and events from the previous films to be able to follow this one in any meaningful way. There are flashbacks, red herrings, plot twists, and of course a healthy dose of bloody, gory, self-mutilating deathtraps. Another big theme here is the manipulation of "normal" people into doing all sorts of outlandish things. It's entertaining, but it's also complicated. This is not a good movie for the sort of people who have to turn to their friend in the theater and ask what's going on.

something this movie has that no other movie has: Where can I start? Tell you what, I'll pick just one thing: a very graphic autopsy.

final word: The filmmakers have taken an un-sequelable situation (from the last movie) and actually made a worthwhile (if complicated) sequel.

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