Saw 5

release year: 2008
genre: mystery/horror
viewing setting: home DVD, 1/23/09

synopsis: Yet more plots unfold, as we learn of how events in the first four movies were connected.

impressions: This is basically a re-hash of the last couple of movies' events from the point of view of Saw 4's surviving good guy FBI agent. We learn the motivations of the bad-guy cop from that last movie as well. And all the while, a fresh group of victims is run through another series of death traps. It's getting old, and the ways to mangle living people are getting more and more distasteful.

something this movie has that no other movie has: People putting their hands into buzzsaw blades in order to escape.

acting: Scott Patterson is the good cop, Costas Mandylor is the bad one. Betsy Russell is the wife of the now-deceased main killer, and she's got some kind of secret.

final word: Yet another sequel in this franchise; if you liked the others, you'll like this.

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