release year: 1988
genre: cheesy horror
viewing setting: home VHS, 2/8/99
what I expected: something scary, from what I'd heard
what I got: low-budget horror

synopsis: Bank robbers land their plane in the wrong deserted field.

impressions: The idea was a novel one, and the scarecrows were spooky to watch at times. However, the mood was ruined by bad acting and weird doings on the part of the scarecrows. I mean, what in the hell were they up to? (You'll know what I'm talking about if you watch the movie.)

body count: 6 confirmed kills

acting: Some of the small cast did okay, while others turned in corny performances. Maybe it was the script's fault.

notable quote: "I think this house is haunted by demonic demons."

the good: few spooky moments

the bad: most of the acting and script

final word: Worth seeing, but it's no classic of the genre.

rating: C-

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