Searchine for Bobby Fischer

release year: 1993
genre: drama
viewing setting: home DVD, 1/18/03

synopsis: 7-year-old boy displays one hell of a talent for chess; both he and his teachers will be challenged as to how far he can go.

impressions: Outstanding kid-triumph movie in the vein of October Sky. The boy never loses his sense of right and wrong, and his temporary loss of his sense of wonder at the game of chess was very well-done. He has multiple influences: his father, who may be pushing him too hard to win; his mother, who is protective at all the right times; one teacher, who is street-smart; the other, who is classically-smart.

acting: All of the roles mentioned above were very well-done and believable, meshing well together.

final word: Worth seeing, especially for anyone who likes a triumph story, or any chess fan.

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