release year: 2005
genre: science fiction
viewing setting: home DVD, 10/13/12 and 1/15/10

synopsis: In this theatrical continuation of the western-themed science fiction TV show Firefly, some of the show's mysteries are finally revealed as things get quite dangerous.

impressions: To be exact, this movie was viewed after we watched the entire 14-episode series on DVD. Firefly is a sci-fi show with many Western elements, and it's about a ship whose crew takes on illegal smuggling jobs and has some unusual passengers. The show was great and a lot of people liked it, but the network killed it. Its creator was able to get a follow-up movie made, and here we are. I can't spoil too much; let me just say that you should watch the series first, and then this movie. It's sad that it all had to end, but at least it ended in a creator-approved way and not abruptly.

acting: Nathan Fillion is the captain with a strange code of morals. Gina Torres is his tough first mate. Alan Tudyk is her husband and the ship's pilot. Morena Baccarin is a high-class escort who rents space on the ship. Adam Baldwin is the hired muscle with a simplistic and often humorous view of things. Jewel Staite is the cute mechanic. Sean Maher and Summer Glau are siblings who are also wanted fugitives. Ron Glass is a holy man.

final word: Outstanding sci-fi and a fitting conclusion to a show that should have run longer.

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