Sex and the Other Man

release year: 1995 (direct-to-video)
genre: dark comedy/drama
viewing setting: home laserdisc, 11/17/97
what I expected: to see Kari Wuhrer naked
what I got: a weird little comedy/kidnapping bit with some basic nudity

synopsis: A young couple is happy in all respects except one: the guy can't get it up. This is a shame, considering that his wife is quite cute. Anyway, a botched affair leads to them holding a rich executive while they figure out how to best blackmail him.

impressions: This had trace elements of Pulp Fiction but seemed to be more about how the main characters changed during their ordeal. It was entertaining, but only minimally.

acting: Flippant, mixing dark comedy with light comedy. Several witty lines.

final word: Worth watching, but only barely.

rating: C-

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