release year: 1971
genre: comedy/drama
viewing setting: home laserdisc, 1/30/99
what I expected: wasn't sure
what I got: something best left in the 1970s

synopsis: Tough guy John Shaft sticks it to everybody while defusing a potential mob war.

impressions: This movie's plot was really just a shoestring skeleton to connect the various instances of Shaft playing it cool and being a tough black guy. And oh, boy, what a tough guy he was! He took shit from nobody, including: the black mob, the Italian mob, his two black girlfriends, his white girlfriend, the police, taxi drivers, a waitress, hoodlums, and more. I have to admit, he was one smooth dude, and he dealt with anyone he ran into who needed dealing with.

acting: Richard Roundtree played this role very well, and made it memorable.

the good: Funny bad-ass moments.

the bad: Everything else in-between.

final word: Interesting, sometimes funny, but damn was it dated.

rating: C-

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