Shark Island

"Why do those people keep coming to the water? They're setting up a zombie shark buffet."   - Bridget

release year: 2015
genre: monster horror
viewing setting: home DVD, 11/17/19

synopsis: some sort of undead shark menaces some people on a small island.

impressions: This felt like a combination of several other movies, notably Deep Blue Sea, due to the basic idea of scientists in a surrounded-by-ocean facility tampering with a shark and then it escapes. In this case, it can bite and infect other sharks (and people!) with its zombie-ness, leading to some undead people wandering around too. There's some flying-shark action and also the ridiculous idea of some guy gathering his friends to fight the sharks with whatever weapons they can find.

acting: The only one who stood out was Jason London as the leader of a group of soldiers who quickly get killed off-screen, making him the only hope for the kids on the island.

final word: Goofy, watchable once and that's probably about it.

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