"What the hell?!? There are sharks in the streets!"    - Nova

release year: 2013
genre: cheesy monster horror/action
viewing setting: home DVD 2/23/14

synopsis: Somehow, a big storm pulls sharks out of the ocean and deposits them in the streets of Los Angeles.

impressions: Even for its genre, this one was bad. Very little of what was going on made any sort of sense, and I gave up thinking about the hows and the whys and just tried to enjoy the CGI action and the corny lines. If you watch this movie, given its title, you should know exactly what you're in for. And that is the extent of the brainpower I will spend talking about this movie.

body count: Dozens.

acting: Ian Ziering is a surfer, bar owner, and leader of the band of intrepid heroes. Cassie Scerbo is really easy on the eyes as his shotgun-toting bartender. Jaason Simmons provides comic relief as an Australian buddy. John Heard has a minor role as an old drunk regular customer. Tara Reid is an annoying blond.

final word: Bad but somewhat entertaining shark movie.

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