Shootfighter 2

release year: 1995
genre: martial arts/action
viewing setting: home laserdisc, 10/30/97
what I expected: lots of blood
what I got: a pretty good fighting movie

synopsis: A police chief sets up a sting operation to catch illegal shootfighting organizers, but the fighters he uses as bait get in over their heads - and must fight to the death, or die.

impressions: This had a good, if basic, plot and a lot of cool fighting and fighters. It was pretty much non-stop action.

acting: I don't know about acting, but the array of combatants was impressive: Bolo Yeung, Michael Bernardo (who I saw at the Battle of Atlanta back in 1989) plus the dreadlocked guy from Mortal Kombat. The main bad guy was played by Joe Son, who acts like a badass but in real life got his clock cleaned by Keith Hackney in UFC 4.

final word: Highly entertaining.

rating: C+

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