Silent Rage

release year: 1982
genre: action/sci-fi/horror/karate
viewing setting: home Bluray 9/23/18 and home DVD, 5/21/13 and 8/29/05 and 12/9/01

synopsis: A psychotic killer is rendered invulnerable by a genetic formula, and Chuck Norris is the only one who can stop him (hopefully.)

impressions: This is one of those neat, overlooked little action/sci-fi/horror movies from the very early 80s, just like Scanners. It's an unusual mix of several genres, but it moves along well and has a lot of action. It also has some genuine spooky moments. The lighting, music, and general mood borrow a lot from Halloween.

things to watch for: Barfight with Chuck against an entire biker gang.

asses kicked by Chuck Norris: 20

body count: 9

acting: Chuck Norris does his usual thing here, acting adequately and fighting well. Brian Libby does an outstanding job as the menacing psychotic killer, using facial expressions and body language in place of words. Ron Silver is the "good" doctor who helped invent the formula but doesn't want to see it used on a human.

final word: If you ever wanted to see what a cross between a slasher film and a karate film would look like, look no further.

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