release year: 1984
genre: western
viewing setting: home DVD, 10/7/12

synopsis: Various individuals, some having past histories with each other, converge at the town of Silverado in the old West.

impressions: This is a great Western which has stoof the test of time. It has a number of good characters whose paths all cross in a showdown between good guys and bad guys. The plot is solid and uncomplicated, there's some humor, and plenty of cool moments.

acting: Scott Glenn is the lethal older brother. Kevin Costner (in his first major role) is the reckless, fun-loving younger brother. Kevin Kline is a quiet, unusual gunfighter. Danny Glover rounds out the primary good guys as a skilled rifleman. Brian Dennehy is the sheriff and main bad guy. John Cleese has a minor role as sheriff of another town. Jeff Goldblum is a pimp. Jeff Fahey is a wild deputy of the bad guys' group. James Gammon is the leader of some bandits.

final word: A superior western.

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