A Simple Plan

release year: 1999
genre: drama
viewing setting: theater, 1/23/99
what I expected: something like Fargo
what I got: decent one-time viewing

synopsis: In the snow-covered middle of nowhere, three men find $ 4.4 million; this should-have-been-simple situation just balloons out of control and gets worse and worse.

impressions: It seems so simple: take the money, split it up, and be done with it. Why didn't it work? Because the three men were either stupid, indecisive, or drunk at any given time. I didn't like this movie too much. It was well-done - a fine film, and a fine drama - but everything was too ordinary. The characters, the town, the atmosphere...all were middle-America, small-town placid...boring.

acting: Bill Paxton did a good job, but Billy Bob Thornton did a better job, because he played an idiot and made the character both dumb and unlikeable. Bridget Fonda also did a good job as Paxton's scheming wife.

final word: Decent movie, but I can say conclusively that I do not need to view it ever again.

rating: C

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