The Six Million Dollar Man: Day of the Robot

episode number: season 1, episode 7 (1974)
viewing setting: home DVD, 1/9/11

episode synopsis: In order to steal a missile-control chip, some bad guys build a robot that's identical to the inventor of the chip, and swap it for the real guy. Too bad for them that Steve Austin is the guy's friend.

impressions: This one featured a life-like robot (with some programming quirks) who was probably more than a match for Steve in hand-to-hand combat. One does have to question why someone with the resources and ability to build such a robot couldn't have found an easier way to get the chip, but oh well.

notable guest star: John Saxon (who co-starred in enter the Dragon and A Nightmare on Elm Street) is the kidnapped/replaced military officer who invented the chip. He acts well in two roles: buddy of Steve, and weird robot.

significant bionic antics: Steve lifts the end of a car out of a ditch, kicks a car toward a bad guy, and does battle with the robot.

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