The Six Million Dollar Man: Little Orphan Airplane

episode number: season 1, episode 8 (1974)
viewing setting: home DVD, 1/10/11

episode synopsis: A spy plane with important film crashes in a little enemy country in Africa, so Steve goes to retrieve it.

impressions: This was another pretty good one; it had some unexpected challenges to deal with. It was also the first time so far when Steve and his friends could easily have been killed by enemy gunfire, which wouldn't have happened if they'd been more efficient in earlier dealings with the enemy. And there was this one little native kid whose role in life seemed to be ratting out foreigners to the soldiers.

notable guest star: Greg Morris (from the Mission Impossible TV series) is the downed pilot. Dale Robertson, who starred in numerous western TV series, has a cameo at the end of this episode, playing himself.

significant bionic antics: In addition to starting a stuck airplane propellor and pushing a wheelbarrow really fast, Steve pretty much single-handedly repairs the broken airplane engine with bionic assistance.

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