The Six Million Dollar Man: Dr. Wells is Missing

episode number: season 1, episode 12 (1974)
viewing setting: home DVD, 1/12/11

episode synopsis: While on vacation in Austria, Dr. Wells is kidnapped; fortunately, Steve followed him and tries to effect a rescue.

impressions: Although this was good, with plenty of action and intrigue, it begs the question: why would some already-rich people abduct Dr. Wells and (if their plans worked out) spend millions of dollars to have him build a bionic man to rob banks? How much money is enough for these people? Anyway, this one had some foreign locales, and both Ruby and Steve had to use their brains. Side note: add +5 to the count of "people who now know about the existence of an American bionic agent."

notable guest star: Noted TV and film actor Michael Dante is one of the head bad guys.

significant bionic antics: Steve chases a car, leaps over an imposing wall, breaks his bonds, and fights several thugs at once. Of note, he actually suffers damage to his bionic arm in this one.

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