The Six Million Dollar Man: The Last of the Fourth of Julys

episode number: season 1, episode 13 (1974)
viewing setting: home DVD, 1/13/11

episode synopsis: Some bad guys on an island have a laser, so Steve has to go in and do something about it.

impressions: For this one, Steve got special training in pole vaulting and being fired inside a torpedo. The head bad guy made the mistake of revealing his entire plan, which allowed Steve to most efficiently derail it.

notable guest stars: Veteran TV actor Steve Forrest is the main bad guy. Kevin Tighe (who had many TV and movie roles, including Locke's dad on Lost) is the second-in-command bad guy. But that's not all! Arlene Martel (who played Spock's would-be wife in the classic Star Trek episode "Amok Time") is a sultry evil lady.

significant bionic antics: Steve makes a bionic pole vault, and rips open some hatches, doors, and handcuffs.

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