The Six Million Dollar Man: Season One Special Features

episode number: n/a
viewing setting: home DVD, 2/27/11

synopsis: These are all of the bonus features from the Season One portion of the DVD boxed set. Featurette - Real Bionics discusses real-life artificial limbs and how they (and the people who use them) were inspired by the show. Featurette - An Iconic Opening explains how a few talented people created the 60-second opening sequence long before computers were ever-present in film-making and our daily lives. Season 1 VIPs - A celebration of The Six Million Dollar Man guest stars briefly recaps all of the veteran TV and movie actors and actresses who guest-starred in the first season. Interactive Bonus Feature - Bionic Breakdown is a point-and-click way to get some cool technical details about each of Steve's bionic parts. Interview with Executive Producer Harve Bennett provides an hour-plus long in-depth background about the creation and early days of the show, the main character, and many other things.

impressions: Good stuff, which will prove fascinating to any fan of the show.

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