The Six Million Dollar Man: The Midas Touch

episode number: season 2, episode 7 (1974)
viewing setting: home DVD, 1/27/11

episode synopsis: When Oscar abruptly disappears, Steve investigates a lead involving a government-operated gold mine.

impressions: At first, it sure looks like Oscar's got some dirty business going on, but then it turns out he's been betrayed and framed. This one had a fair bit of action and intrigue, but the standout for me was how damn useless Oscar was - he just sat around looking helpless and not even trying anything to get out of trouble.

notable guest star: None that I know about.

significant bionic antics: This episode had heavy bionic action. Steve uses his eye to spot a hidden safe, look through a window in the dark, and find some tracks. He rips the safe out of the wall, does a whole bunch of mining work without getting tired, rips apart a section of floor, rips out some bars covering a window, breaks free of hand- and foot-cuffs, breaks a shotgun apart, jumps atop a roof, and sprints to get into a plane before its cargo door closes. He also leaps atop a fleeing truck and climbs all over it until he can get in.

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