The Six Million Dollar Man: Lost Love

episode number: season 2, episode 13 (1975)
viewing setting: home DVD, 2/14/11

episode synopsis: Steve reconnects with the love of his life, who also happens to now be the wife of a missing scientist who was working on a big project.

impressions: Too much drama. If Steve really loved this woman, he wouldn't have let her get away seven years ago. Also of note is the way he tries to get her back - even after it turns out her husband is alive and well. Steve uses politics/patriotism to try to justify getting what he wants. I guess most people would do the exact same thing, though. This episode manages to sneak in footage of a 747 landing, causing me to suspect that someone high up in this show's production was a lover of airplanes.

notable guest star: Noted TV actress Linda Marsh is Steve's ex in this episode. Veteran character actor Joseph Ruskin is the head foreign bad guy.

significant bionic antics: In no particular order: Steve uses his eye to see in the dark, breaks free of a thick wooden post, kicks down a door, breaks open a safe, jumps over a car trying to run him down, jumps down from and up to a second-floor ledge, and knocks some bad guys out with a single punch.

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