The Six Million Dollar Man: Return of the Robot Maker

episode number: season 2, episode 15 (1975)
viewing setting: home DVD, 2/15/11

episode synopsis: The evil little old robot maker is back, and this time he's made a robotic duplicate of Oscar, who infiltrates the office and tries to kill Steve.

impressions: Not bad. I never took Dolenz seriously before this episode, but he got ruthless...after a certain point, he calmly informs Oscar that he's about to die. If I was Oscar, once Steve showed up and started fighting the robot, I'd have broken both of Dolenz' knees...just to make sure he didn't scamper off again. But this was the 1970s and kids watched the show, so they just take him to jail after the dust clears. Another comment: it sure was easy for someone - anyone - to walk into Oscar's office and shoot him or whatever. Security?

notable guest star: Henry Jones is back as the demented old Dr. Dolenz.

significant bionic antics: Steve has a pretty brutal fight against the robot, and also jumps over some fences, sprints through a minefield, and uses his eye to determine which Oscar is the real one.

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