The Six Million Dollar Man: Look Alike

episode number: season 2, episode 17 (1975)
viewing setting: home DVD, 2/19/11

episode synopsis: Steve and Oscar must deal with a surgically-altered Steve impersonator who's stolen secret information.

impressions: At least someone didn't just walk into Oscar's office this time...oh wait, he did, but at least he looked just like Steve so there wasn't technically a security breach. This was more of an undercover type assignment - when the lookalike is killed unexpectedly, Steve must impersonate him (!) and infiltrate the bad guys. They even found a way to work a young George Foreman into this story. Of note: in the big fight in the boxing ring at the end, one of the bad guys makes a karate-type yelling sound every time he throws a punch.

notable guest stars: Jack Colvin (the reporter on The Incredible Hulk TV series) is a friend of the false Steve here. Movie and television actor Robert DoQui, who played the police sergeant in all three RoboCop movies, is a minor bad guy here. Boxing great George Foreman has a cameo too, as mentioned.

significant bionic antics: Steve spots assassins in the dark, jumps up and down a great distance, throws a 4x4 to knock someone out, beats someone in a boxing match, and later holds his own in a boxing ring against a bunch of goons.

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