The Six Million Dollar Man: The Price of Liberty

episode number: season 3, episode 3 (1975)
viewing setting: home DVD, 3/7/11

episode synopsis: A disgruntled scientist steals the Liberty Bell and wires it with explosives, so Steve has a few hours to save the national treasure.

impressions: This was a pretty exciting episode with a lot of tension and some good plot twists. It was notable that Steve never hesitated to put himself in danger; when someone insists that he help with the defusing process, Steve says "where else would I be?" There's also a pretty heavy-handed patriotic message near the end.

notable guest star: Veteran actor Chuck Connors is a felon who has to be convinced to help, and also to like it.

significant bionic antics: Steve plays with live electrical cables, hurls a wrench to pop a tire, uses a propellor to fight off an attacker with a metal pipe, leaps atop a truck, peels open the truck's roof, unscrews some bolts really fast, uses his eye to find tiny circuit board parts, hurls a heavy cylinder high into the air, and lifts the Liberty Bell off of the ground.

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