The Six Million Dollar Man: Target in the Sky

episode number: season 3, episode 7 (1975)
viewing setting: home DVD, 3/17/11

episode synopsis: Steve becomes a lumberjack to figure out whether someone's stolen missiles.

impressions: This one was pretty good. I like how Steve repeatedly stands up to challenges and refuses to be bullied. He threatens to crush one bad guy's arm if he doesn't talk.

notable guest stars: Denny Miller (who played the first blond Tarzan, in 1959) is the evil logger foreman here. TV actress Barbara Rhoades is the logging boss.

significant bionic antics: There were tons. Steve climbs a tree really fast, drives in a wedge with his bionic hand, rolls on a log really fast, cuts down six trees in a matter of minutes, sprints several times, pushes a heavy log away, rips the walls off of a shack, tears a metal box apart, catches a chainsaw (!) and bends its blade, winds some string really fast and makes a ball which he throws to knock someone out, kicks down a door, and throws some dynamite a long way.

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