The Six Million Dollar Man: One of Our Running Backs is Missing

episode number: season 3, episode 8 (1975)
viewing setting: home DVD, 3/18/11

episode synopsis: Steve's NFL friend is kidnapped, so he helps out.

impressions: This episode was pretty entertaining, if corny, with big bulky bad guys and a lot of competitiveness. The bad guys were kind of dumb - after announcing that they were going to kill Steve and his friend, they were duped into an unfriendly football game which gave Steve the opportunity to escape. These are the kind of athlete bad guys who carry on about how they're better players, right after they beat someone who they outnumber 6-to-2. Anyway, Lee Majors directed this one.

notable guest stars: Numerous guest stars from the football world: Larry Csonka is Steve's friend, while Dick Butkus and a young Carl Weathers are bad guys.

significant bionic antics: At first, Steve just clowns around, using his arm to throw a football really far and then bowl a pins-shattering strike. Then he breaks out of a jammed elevator and spots a clue. Later, he runs really fast (and for once, we see that in _fast_ motion) then rips apart a corrugated metal wall and snaps some chains. Finally, he runs, leaps, blocks, and tackles in a football game against bad guys.

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