The Six Million Dollar Man: Divided Loyalty

episode number: season 3, episode 12 (1975)
viewing setting: home DVD, 3/27/11

episode synopsis: Steve heads to "the other side" to rescue a scientist who wants to defect, plus his son who thinks more like the enemy than an American.

impressions: Well, this was awkward. Steve shows up to this mansion deep in the middle of enemy territory (I'd assume Russia or at least Europe, as this was the mid-1970s) to bring back this guy who defected _from_ the U.S. fifteen years ago...and finds that the man hasn't told his son they're leaving yet. The kid has befriended a guard, who's become more of a father to him than his father. It was just creepy. Steve eventually gave both the father and the son some advice about their relationship.

notable guest stars: Singer/actor Ned Romero is enemy soldier Boris. Radames Pera, who played the young Caine in the TV series Kung Fu, is the confused kid in this episode.

significant bionic antics: Steve uses his eye a lot: to spot infrared sensor beams, to examine a wounded man. He also pushes a jeep off the road, pulls a tree branch back so it can swat someone away, breaks a lock, snaps some ropes, vandalizes a jeep, lifts a heavy barrel full of sand, hurls a rope across a ravine, and crosses via that rope three times.

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