The Six Million Dollar Man: The Secret of Bigfoot (part 2)

episode number: season 3, episode 19 (1976)
viewing setting: home DVD, 2/8/12

episode synopsis: After finding that Bigfoot is actually a creation of aliens hiding inside a mountain range, Steve must balance their need to survive against the destruction of the California coast by an earthquake.

impressions: This was one of the ones I remembered from my childhood. It has everything: nice wilderness, a scientific mission, Bigfoot, a fight between Steve and Bigfoot, disaster drama, aliens hiding among us, super technology that's way beyond what mankind has...good stuff. This is actually a plausible (from a sci-fi standpoint) explanation of the Bigfoot legend.

notable guest stars: Andre the Giant is inside the Bigfoot suit, and being fairly athletic, he did a good job. Charles Cyphers was one of the aliens.

significant bionic antics: Steve fights Bigfoot again, batters away falling boulders, helps save people after a cave-in, and uses his eye to spot people moving so fast that they're invisible.

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