The Six Million Dollar Man: The Golden Pharaoh

episode number: season 3, episode 20 (1976)
viewing setting: home DVD, 2/8/12

episode synopsis: Steve does some espionage work, as he must find a stolen artifact before its owners show up and realize it's gone.

impressions: Standard spy/espionage episode, complete with multiple parties who want the treasure and a fairly stupid co-star. Farrah Fawcett guest-stars again, this time as a compulsive gambler who lies to just about everybody, including herself. In the real world, someone like this character would end up penniless and doing bad things just to survive. But I digress. It was a fairly entertaining episode, all in all.

notable guest stars: None who rung a bell with me.

significant bionic antics: Steve uses his eye to detect a fake artifact, rips open a fuse box, later rips open a safe, pushes some bricks onto some bad guys, swats other bad guys away, and (in a brilliant tactical move) uses his bionic arm to hurl bricks with tremendous force. This has practical application - as long as he had a supply of missiles, he could take out dozens of opponents!

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