The Six Million Dollar Man: Love Song for Tanya

episode number: season 3, episode 21 (1976)
viewing setting: home DVD, 2/9/12

episode synopsis: Steve is assigned to protect a visiting Russian gymnast.

impressions: This one featured a fairly likable pseudo-love-interest (who has a crush on the much older Steve.) There were also some ruthless bad guys, a splinter group of Russian diplomats who don't want peace. Steve handles the crush situation fairly well, even redirecting the girl toward someone who actually does have feelings for her.

notable guest stars: Early 1970s gymnastic star Cathy Rigby plays the young Russian gymnast.

significant bionic antics: Steve does some gymnastic stunts, sprints to save the girl from a speeding car, lifts a heavy barbell one-handed, shatters a doorknob, pulls a rug out from beneath some bad guys, and toys with bad guys in a gymnasium.

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