The Six Million Dollar Man: The Bionic Badge

episode number: season 3, episode 22 (1976)
viewing setting: home DVD, 2/11/12

episode synopsis: Steve is partnered with a veteran cop to figure out who's been stealing parts to make a bomb.

impressions: This episode could be the answer to the question "what if Steve was a cop who patrolled every day?" It also had a subplot about the unknown reason why all of these burglaries happened right under this one officer's nose. Fairly entertaining.

notable guest stars: Veteran TV actor Noah Beery Jr. is the veteran cop who's under suspicion.

significant bionic antics: Steve uses his eye for a lot of recon/scouting, rips open a corrugated steel wall, wraps a chain-link fence around some bad guys, and holds the door of a bomb-disposal container closed while it goes off.

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