The Six Million Dollar Man: The Return of Bigfoot (part 1)

episode number: season 4, episode 1 (1976)
viewing setting: home DVD, 4/21/12

episode synopsis: Bigfoot is back, but this time he's robbing banks and other places; Steve has to figure out why.

impressions: Bigfoot's really a nice guy - too bad he's being used as an unwilling pawn by a faction of the aliens who doesn't want quiet, peaceful coexistence with humans. There were some good fights against Bigfoot (whose strength had been increased by the bad guys.) Also, due to a combination of bad luck and machinations by the evil aliens, Steve ends up appearing to be the culprit for the thefts, which puts him at odds with Oscar and Rudy. This episode had a good cliffhanger ending (part two was actually an episode of "The Bionic Woman".)

notable guest stars: Lindsay Wagner guest-stars as Jaime Sommers. Ted Cassidy is the man inside the Bigfoot suit this time. John Saxon (who I didn't recognize beneath a heavy beard) is the main bad guy alien. Charles Cyphers is another of the aliens who joined the bad guy group.

significant bionic antics: Steve uses his eye to spot an alien hiding in the woods, does some running and jumping, and then has two fights with Bigfoot. Jaime uses her bionic ear to eavesdrop on a secret conversation and to hear an alien covertly walking around.

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