The Six Million Dollar Man: Kill Oscar (part 2)

episode number: season 4, episode 6 (1976)
viewing setting: home DVD, 6/4/12

episode synopsis: With Jaime in critical condition, Steve tries to locate the bad guys' base and rescue Oscar.

impressions: Pretty strong stuff. There are fights with robots, plot twists, and a weather control device! Also, at one point, Steve uses an early computer system to make the OSI satellite track something. One plot hole: early on, Steve lifts a friend out of a cell, then she turns out to be a robot, then later a similar robot is mentioned to weigh 482 lbs. Wouldn't Steve have figured it out when he lifted her (it) out of the cell? Anyhow, this is the second of a three-part episode, and ends on another cliffhanger.

notable guest stars: John Houseman is the bad scientist. Jack Colvin is an evil foreign agent.

significant bionic antics: Jaime remembers the frequency she heard when the robots were around. Steve bends some steel bars, fights two Fembots, hurls a pipe like a spear, then bends a metal locking bar, holds blast doors open, kicks a different door open, leaps up onto a wall, and fights another hostile robot.

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