The Six Million Dollar Man: A Bionic Christmas Carol

episode number: season 4, episode 11 (1976)
viewing setting: home DVD, 7/9/12

episode synopsis: Steve gets sent on an assignment on Christmas Eve, and ends up trying to change the ways of a Scrooge-like company owner.

impressions: Entertaining...I guess this was the inevitable Christmas episode. The business owner is pretty bad to start with - in the words of one of his employees, he's honest, but greedy...never really hurt anyone but never really helped anyone either. Steve not only displays his nice humanitarian side here, but also shows some engineering prowess. In an amusing moment, he also gets irritated at Oscar and bends a lamp he just gave him as a present.

notable guest stars: Veteran television and movie actor Ray Walston is the cranky, cheap old bastard. Dick Sargent (best known for I Dream of Jeannie) plays his nephew/chauffeur/victim.

significant bionic antics: Steve bends a lamp in half, tears off the hatch from a survival test chamber, jumps up into a tree and breaks off a branch, pulls a heavy stone out of the ground and chops pieces off of it, and leaps onto a rooftop.

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