The Six Million Dollar Man: The Privacy of the Mind

episode number: season 4, episode 21 (1977)
viewing setting: home DVD, 7/15/12

episode synopsis: Steve impersonates a scientist to find out why someone will pay him a million dollars for a week's worth of secret work.

impressions: Not bad. Steve really has to think on his feet a lot here - first to change his story and buy some time, then to goad the bad guys into acting so that he can learn more about what's going on. They throw out the idea that "the only privacy we have left is our thoughts" which was fairly prophetic in 1977. Also, at one point, Steve's desire to find out the ringleader becomes more important to him than the risk of the female scientist losing her life, which was interesting.

notable guest stars: None who I recognized.

significant bionic antics: Steve stops a rolling car, then helps wreck it by pushing it into a tree, bionically programs a computer really fast, jumps up to a higher floor, moves a heavy computer and rewires it really fast, breaks a door lock, snaps some ropes, manhandles almost a dozen bad guys, and hurls a heavy barbell one-handed.

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