The Six Million Dollar Man: Bigfoot V

episode number: season 5, episode 5 (1977)
viewing setting: home DVD, 7/23/12

episode synopsis: Bigfoot's loose again, so Steve tries to figure out why.

impressions: Decent episode, but it lacked the fun factor of the previous Bigfoot appearances. It's funny how they send Rudy and two trucks full of expensive top-secret stuff out to the mountains, but don't provide him with any kind of security detail. Also, the hunters in this they interfered with government work, stole property, planned murder, would be nice if we were shown whatever great punishment these bad guys receive. Treason, for example, carries the death penalty last time I checked. Ditto for most of the bad guys from the last few episodes.

notable guest stars: Geoffrey Lewis is one of the evil hunters. Ted Cassidy is in the Bigfoot suit.

significant bionic antics: Steve runs around a lot, wrestles Bigfoot twice, and throws bad guys up into a tree.

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