The Six Million Dollar Man: Killer Wind

episode number: season 5, episode 6 (1977)
viewing setting: home DVD, 7/24/12

episode synopsis: Steve helps various people in a small town during a tornado.

impressions: Take some bank robbers and their van full of cash, Steve and Rudy crash-landed in the desert, some kids trapped in the mountains...then throw in an oncoming tornado. That's the mix for this episode. It was pretty entertaining. There was a lot of stupidity, though. The bank robbers were dumb enough to crash, then to not switch vehicles when they had a chance. The kids (and their chaperone) were stupid enough to wander around with a tornado coming. The chaperone gets double stupid points for letting the kids talk her into the wrong course of action, twice. The fire/rescue guy was stupid enough to try and climb a mountain with a tornado coming, and then to send the kids down in the cable car with a tornado coming (they would have been perfectly fine in the station at the top of the mountain.) The hometown doctor lady was not only pushy, but also stupid enough to assume that Rudy was one of the bank robbers.

notable guest stars: Veteran actor James McEachin is the fire/rescue chief and father of two other characters in this episode.

significant bionic antics: Steve holds down a small plane's wing amidst buffeting winds, runs through the bufeting winds, gets a van out of some sand, kicks a live power cable aside, leaps up onto a roof, strips and ties wire with his bionic hand, chases the van full of bad guys, pushes a telephone pole over, fights off three bad guys at once, jumps up onto a cable car tower, and pulls the cable to get the cable car down.

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