The Six Million Dollar Man: The Cheshire Project

episode number: season 5, episode 11 (1977)
viewing setting: home DVD, 8/5/12

episode synopsis: Steve tries to figure out how a radar-invisible plane vanished along with its pilot.

impressions: Decent episode, featuring a "force field" that makes a plane vanish from radar, and of course bad guys who want to get it. This one also has the "disembodied monitor" effect (whereby people elsewhere can magically see events on their TV screen, as if a camera was right there alongside those events), treachery, lots of small plane flying, and a love interest for Steve. Bad guy Hal had a major fatal flaw in his scheme: you can't get paid ten million dollars if the product you're delivering is going to explode, and he definitely knew about this.

notable guest stars: Suzanne Somers is the female pilot.

significant bionic antics: Steve lifts a car, runs and throws a bomb away, shifts some heavy plane wreckage, spots a hidden plane from the air, snaps some ropes, kicks a thick metal door down, and pulls netting down over some bad guys.

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