The Six Million Dollar Man: Return of Death Probe (part 2)

episode number: season 5, episode 15 (1978)
viewing setting: home DVD, 8/9/12

episode synopsis: Steve and Oscar are running out of time, as everything they try to stop the space probe fails.

impressions: The cliffhanger from part 1 clearly showed Steve within inches of being run over - but it didn't happen. The probe had issues with its remote-control and often got confused. Heck, at the end it just sat still while they trapped it in a net. But until then, it was pretty tough: it dug out of a pit trap and defeated a bulldozer. Good stuff, if a bit corny. As I said about the original Death Probe two-part episode, when you get down to it, this thing's just a tank, and there are ways to deal with a tank.

notable guest stars: None that I recognized.

significant bionic antics: Steve kicks a bulldozer cage open, distracts the probe, rips some speakers apart, and helps secure a net to the probe.

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