The Six Million Dollar Man: The Lost Island

episode number: season 5, episode 16 (1978)
viewing setting: home DVD, 8/19/12

episode synopsis: Steve helps deal with a hidden island of marooned aliens.

impressions: This was the one with the mutated aliens who look like Neandrathals and wear karate uniforms. Seriously. The OSI satellite crashes on their secret island, some of them look at its light, and their hair goes wild and their eyebrows get bushy and their teeth get yellow and crooked and they get really aggressive. Plus they have names like "Torg", "Zandor", and "Da Nay." Okay, so what else? The secret island is so close to Hawaii that people can get in a small boat and be there in no time. The female alien was stupid; at one point, she heals a friend and sends him back to the other good aliens...without the serum that they desperately need! I mean, it was RIGHT THERE in a little black bag! She also flips out, prompting Steve to tell her "You've come too far to fall apart now." Also of note: the evil aliens build a catapult which they never really have to use.

notable guest stars: Anthony Geary (who would soon go on to a starring role as Luke in the soap opera General Hospital) is one of the aliens.

significant bionic antics: Steve swims really fast, fights off bad guys twice, pulls a boat ashore, opens up his arm to use the wires to generate an electrical storm (?!), jumps over a 25' invisible force field, and carries a small satellite around.

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