The Six Million Dollar Man: The Madonna Caper

episode number: season 5, episode 17 (1978)
viewing setting: home DVD, 8/20/12

episode synopsis: Steve gets mixed up in a compicated plot to steal a priceless painting.

impressions: This was a good caper episode. It had a crazy idea to begin with, then moved into a double-cross with a separate agenda. Steve gets to act like a rich Texas oil baron, and at one point carries a suitcase full of $1000 bills. And there's a tense ending as he and Oscar race against time to get the paining back in place.

notable guest stars: Bibi Besch is the double-crossing art dealer. Bruce Glover is a Soviet politician. Although classic tough guy William Smith isn't in this episode, one of the bad guy henchmen looks a lot like him.

significant bionic antics: Steve holds a door shut, breaks open a sealed display case for a painting, moves and lifts a portable car ramp, and fights a bad guy.

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