The Six Million Dollar Man: Date With Danger (part 1)

episode number: season 5, episode 19 (1978)
viewing setting: home DVD, 8/25/12

episode synopsis: Steve goes up against early hackers who have gotten into OSI's computers.

impressions: This was the computer episode. In 1978. Before anyone used the internet. Among the notable computer activities here: a computer is blown up remotely via a phone line, old modems with phone cradles are in use, and a computer somehow listens to a phone call and transforms some of the conversation into printed words. Oh, also, there's the concept of a "master computer" which is somehow more powerful than regular computers. Last thing: all sorts of regular people/businesses have computers. This episode was like a collection of early predictions, many of which came true within two decades. This episode also featured a convoluted plot, an assassin sent to get Steve, and a good cliffhanger. The female character was absolutely refreshing - she was pretty, smart, and had a wicked sense of humor.

notable guest stars: Elaine Giftos is the computer-literate chick who ends up helping Steve. Veteran actor Robert Walker, Jr. is the scheming main bad guy.

significant bionic antics: Steve types/reads really fast (which is completely illogical given the abilities of his bionics), jumps up to a higher floor, locks a door's lock at faster-than-you-can-see speed, moves a heavy computer, and kicks aside a wrecking ball.

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