Bionic Ever After

episode number: reunion movie #3 of 3 (1994)
viewing setting: home DVD, 8/27/12

episode synopsis: Steve and Jaime are finally going to get married...but a terrorist plot and problems with Jaime's bionics threaten to ruin everything.

impressions: This was the third and final TV movie, made sixteen years after the original shows ended. There was an unknown bionic menace here, and come to think of it, we never did find out how he got created. Everyone is older and wears baggier clothes. The plot of this one (and the last two) makes you wonder if any of these OSI people can ever live a happy, normal life without old enemies (or new ones) coming after them. Anyway, at the end, they get married, and that's that.

notable guest stars: xxxxxxx

significant bionic antics: Steve bends a rifle barrel, and uses his eye to target the missile's remote control so he can shoot it. That;s about it for him, but his bionics are faulty for the final act - he even fails to batter down the door with his arm. Jaime gets more to do, especially once her problems are fixed: she leaps over a wall, kicks down a door, rips open a chain, and hurls a sewer lid to stop a truck.

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