Six (season 1)

"Out of every hundred men, ten shouldn't be in combat. Eighty are just targets. Nine are real fighters. But is a warrior."    - Buddha

release year: 2017
genre: military drama/action
viewing setting: home Bluray, 4/30 - 5/2/17

synopsis: This 8-episode miniseries tells the story of an elite military team's hunt for an elusive bad guy, while also focusing on the members' various home lives and problems.

impressions: Given that SEAL Team Six is a super-elite unit and there's a lot the common person will never know about it, this show did a pretty good job showing what life might be like for these men and their families. The action sequences were fast-paced and often violent, while the various personal/home dramas were also significant. This appears to have been renewed for a second season, so there's more to come.

acting: Walton Goggins is the former leader of the team, who's burned out and working as a mercenary. Barry Sloane is the current leader, who's often torn between his career and trying to start a family. Kyle Schmid is the carefree, perpetually-single member of the team, who finds himself bonding with his teenage daughter. Juan Pablo Raba is the one who needs to quit to better support his family, but can't quite bring himself to. Edwin Hodge is the newest member of the team, who must prove himself during both missions and downtime. Jaylen Moore is the other member. Brianne Davis and Nadine Velasquez are the two most prominent wives, and Lindsley Register is the one teenaged daughter. The bad guys are led by Dominic Adams as the young, enthusiastic one, Zeeko Zaki as the right-hand man, and Jarreth Merz as the overall leader. The noncombatants include Nondumiso Tembe as the teacher of a bunch of kidnapped girls, and Tyla Harris as one of those girls.

final word: Good reallistic mix of military action and military home life.

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