Six (season 2)

release year: 2018
genre: military drama/action
viewing setting: home DVD, 3/25-31/20

synopsis: This 10-episode second season tells the story of an elite military team's missions and challenges, while also focusing on the members' various home lives and problems.

impressions: This second season picked up right where the first left off: the team's leader was shot by a young girl at the behest of terrorists, and the team wants revenge, and their missions give them the opportunity to get it.

acting: Barry Sloane is the gruff leader, who has to make the tough decisions and whose marriage is failing due to his work. Kyle Schmid is the carefree one who will do anything to stay on the team. Juan Pablo Raba is the team member who's also a family man. Edwin Hodge is the quiet but lethal one. Jaylen Moore is the Arabic team member, who struggles with his culture and what's expected of him. Eric Ladin is the wild young newer member who must fit in fast. Olivia Munn debuts this season as a high-level CIA agent with a personal stake in the outcome of all this. On the side of the bad guys, Dominic Adams returns as the former terrorist leader who's now in custody and constantly interrogated. Nikolai Nikolaeff is the new/actual mastermind who the team spends most of this season tracking and hunting. Katherine Evans is the young, easily-manipulated girl-turned-assassin.

final word: Good reallistic mix of military action and military home life.

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