Skippy's Movie Reviews, #9: Friday the 13th, part IX: Jason Goes to Hell

The score-sheet for this movie would be 3 pages long - too much for even these industrious reviewers to handle. Rather than attempt to score this one, we're going to hit on some high points, and then assign a letter grade to the movie.

The list of cool, uncool, and beyond-cool happenings:

Now, we didn't care that much about the total body count. In fact, we're not sure what we cared about here. It wasn't a bad movie - they gave us ample doses of the basic building blocks - but it wasn't an outstanding movie, either.

BUNS of the movie: Agent Marcus, without a doubt. They just don't make 'em like that anymore.
DORK of the movie: the assistant coroner. Fortunately, he got probed to death early on.

We give this one a C.