Skippy's Movie Reviews, #13: Day of the Dead

As if the events of "Dawn of the Dead" weren't enough, George Romero just couldn't let the dead rest in peace (get it? ha, ha!) So, he made this movie. If we had to sum it up in a nutshell, we'd say what the good movie guide (Martin & Porter's annual movie guides, going up in price as the years pass but still worth it) said: unlike the previous one, this film doesn't give us any characters to care about or sympathize with.

The plot is simple (duh): a stranded group of scientists, along with a half-dozen soldiers assigned to guard them, is holed up in a massive underground complex. Though the living dead can't reach them there, the humans have other problems: the soldiers are a childish, stupid, utterly selfish lot, and they're getting sick of hanging around waiting for the scientists to accomplish something. Frankly, so were we. This movie grated on us, despite frequent bits of gore and humor. We were only too happy to see the inevitable undead invasion and subsequent feasting.

What the hell is left? The Italian zombie movies by Luca Fulci, that's what. They may be even worse than this one. (actually, they were, as I found out years later)

We give it a D.