release year: 1983
genre: suspense
viewing setting: home DVD, 8/17/09 and 12/14/02

synopsis: During the course of a robbery, three thieves accidentally get an innocent girl killed; her rich father hires an experienced, sadistic assassin to kill them.

impressions: This is the sort of movie that was/is ignored but whose basic idea could get re-used and make millions with current big-name stars. Anyway, I like it for some reason. I found that I cared about the main character because he was genuinely upset about the girl's death - he was a thief but by no means a murderer. Unfortunately, revenge is blind, especially when it involves a top-notch assassin.

acting: Peter Coyote did a good job as a tough guy just trying to stay alive when confronted with a more dangerous foe. The supporting roles were good, too.

final word: Entertaining crime drama/action.

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